Walker Signup

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  1. One (1) of each Flyer in One (1) Letterbox. No multiple flyers.
  2. Always deliver flyers in LETTERBOXES . Do not leave them Outside the letterbox.
  3. The GPS unit is always turned on so do NOT play with the buttons.
  4. Do not switch off the GPS until Supervisor has picked you up.
  5. Once you have completed your map, return GPS back to your supervisor.
  6. If you lose or break your GPS unit it may cost you $400.00.
  7. Mobile Phone should always be switched on.
  8. Any Leftovers flyers should be returned back to your Supervisor. (Your supervisor will not be upset with leftovers).
  9. Dumping & Littering is a Serious Offence. Govt., EPA & Councils may Impose Serious Penalties to you of $500 per Offence to $25,000 per offence.